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It's your idea, and you should be in control. With us, you stay in the driver's seat while your vision is realized. Your talent lies in your imagination and ability to bring new ideas into the world. We specialize in providing structure and guidance for your invention process.

Our process of evaluation and execution is split into two essential phases. In phase one, we critically evaluate the strength of your idea in the current marketplace. This is where important research is performed that will help you evaluate your chances for success. In phase two, your invention is brought to life. This is also when we reach out to appropriate companies and, hopefully, start licensing negotiations with interested parties.

We have carefully designed the following two-phase approach to reflect the best practices and necessary steps you should take to ensure your idea isn't hindered by unnecessary errors or oversights. By integrating your idea into our approach, you can focus on developing your idea to be the best it can be.

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